The Must Have Rolex Watch for Men 2021

There is one watch that every Rolex watch enthusiast must have and that is stainless steel Deep-Sea Sea-Dweller. Unveiled in 2008, the Rolex Deep-Sea was engineered to a depth of 3,900 metres or 12,800 feet. However, it was not met with much fan fare by watch enthusiasts and watch dealers. I am going to explain why, and how Rolex tuned it into an absolute winner.

Rolex Deep-Sea Sea-Dweller

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It is my opinion that the Rolex Deep-Sea Sea-Dweller was never supposed to have been designed and produced. It was only made and released as a response to the domination of Audemars Piguet in the early 2000’s. However, having owned one for many years, I love the way the watch looks and feels on my wrist. Coupled with the background story, the Rolex Deep-Sea Sea-Dweller is a tremendous watch to have in your collection and quite possibly a nice watch to have as an investment.

James Cameron Deep-Sea Sea-Dweller

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Rolex turned a mistake with the Black dial Sea-Dweller into an absolute winner with the James Cameron Deep-Sea Sea-Dweller D-blue dial. The beautiful D-blue dial commemorating James Cameron’s amazing dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The D-blue dial transitions from twilight blue to bottomless black. It is Rolex’s way of celebrating James Cameron’s journey to the deepest place on earth.

MY Recommended Must Have Rolex Watch for Men

I absolutely recommend both the black dial Sea-Dweller and the James Cameron Sea-Dweller as the must have Rolex watches for men in 2021.

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