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More and more people are buying a Rolex watch than ever before. Whether buying your first Rolex or adding to your collection, one question remains the same, “Do I need insurance for my Rolex watch”? Today’s Rolex watch owners are buying or securing insurance for their Rolex watches. The primary drive for buying luxury watch insurance is because Rolex watches continue to increase in value year after year. It only makes sense to protect your investment by making sure you have coverage in case your Rolex gets loss or stolen.

Way’s to Insure Your Rolex

There are a variety of way’s most watch enthusiasts insure their Rolex watch, there are three popular ways many people insure their Rolex watch; home & content insurance, specialised insurance, and self insurance. Let’s take a careful look at these popular options.

Home and Content Insurance

Most home insurance policies carry home and content coverage. Take time to read your policy to determine your exact coverage. The dollar allowance might suffice for an entry-level Rolex watch but you’ll need to check the per-item limitations imposed by your home and contents policy. However, most Rolex owners, especially those who own limited high-end Rolex models, will find that standard home and contents insurance might not fully cover loss or theft.

Specialised Insurance

A specialised watch insurance policy would guarantee coverage of your luxury watch if it were lost or stolen. Having a specialised insurance policy means that in the case of a loss or theft, you will work with somebody who understands the intricacies of a Rolex watch and will help you properly deal with your claim.

Self Insure

Self insuring your Rolex watch is a wonderful way of insuring your luxury watch and something many people do in the watch industry. A simple way to self insure is rather than paying the insurance company the yearly amount, set that money aside in a separate banking account. Don’t touch it unless you need it towards covering a loss.

Paul’s Pro Tips

Plan for Insurance Coverage

Don’t Overvalue your Rolex

Review your Home Insurance Contents Policy

Buy a Specialized Insurance Policy

Consider Self Insurance

Store your Rolex in a Safe

Keep Receipts and Certificates

Avoid Wearing your Rolex in Dangerous Places




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