Save Money on a Rolex Purchase

Make no mistake about it. Rolex watches are expensive, especially on the secondary watch market. But don’t let that stop you from buying a Rolex watch. Whether you are buying your first Rolex, or buying additional Rolex watches for your watch collection, our proven buying strategy will save you money. We call this strategy the Poker Face Walk Away buying strategy. It dives into the psychology behind the words you use and the actions you take.

Paul's Pro Tip

Saving Money When Buying a Rolex

“Before you go to the watch dealer to buy your Rolex watch, I recommend you learn the Poker Face buying strategy. The Poker Face method uses a proven psychology to gain an advantage on the sale person.”

Have a Poker Face

The best strategy you can have when meeting with a watch dealer to buy a Rolex watch is to have a poker face. What does that mean? It means don’t be over excited. When you are overly excited, the sales person knows his chances of selling you a watch at his terms are very high. You must turn that around in your favor so that you are in the drivers seat. Even if you are about to buy the best Rolex watch for men, be calm, polite, and professional. At some point in your conversation use the phrase, “I could be persuaded”. Here is an example; “Ideally I’d like a Audemars Piguet but I could be persuaded with the Rolex Deep-Sea Sea-Dweller.” Then ask the watch dealer for his best price on the Rolex Sea-Dweller.

Do the Walk Away

The Walk Away strategy starts with you already knowing how much you would pay for the watch, but still asking the watch dealer for his best price. What ever price is offered, acknowledge you would consider buying the watch, but only at the price you are comfortable with and give the watch dealer that price. Now here’s where the psychology behind the strategy kicks in. After giving the price you are willing to pay for the watch, give the watch dealer the watch back, thank him for his time, tell him he can contact you if he will sell the watch for the price YOU offered. Then simply walk out of the shop. Congratulations! You are now in the drivers seat. Be patient and stay firm with the price you have in mind.

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