Buying Your First Rolex

Buying your first Rolex is a big deal. Often times it is the result of hitting a milestone in one’s life or achieving a benchmark in business. Whilst buying your first Rolex will be something you will never forget, it can be quite intimidating. What do you say to the watch dealer? Which Rolex do you choose? How much is a fair price for a Rolex? How do you make sure you are not scammed?

We want to help equip you with information to help you buy with confidence. With over 40 years experience as a luxury watch dealer, Paul offers sound advice on how to buy your first Rolex watch, how to save money when buying your first Rolex, and how to self appraise the condition of a Rolex watch you want to buy. We hope you enjoy the video information below.

Buying Tips for Your First Rolex

If you are on this page, chances are you are about to buy your first Rolex. First we want to say congratulations. There is nothing more satisfying than buying a Rolex watch for the first time. It has a sterling reputation as being a reliable watch. It has also proven to be a luxury watch that holds and in some cases increases in value. In his first video, Paul offers important advice to consider before buying your first Rolex,

Paul's Pro Tip

Have Patience When Buying Your First Rolex

“Having been a watch dealer for over 4 decades, I have seen many people buy their first Rolex only to have buyers remorse. Have patience and take time to explore the assortment of models Rolex has to offer. Do you like a sporty look, a professional look, or a classic look. Consider how the Rolex watch feels on your wrist and how wearing it makes you feel. My best advice when buying your first Rolex watch… have patience!”

Research the different Rolex Models

There are many different models the Rolex collection has to offer. Knowing which one is the perfect for you requires you to research the different models. The Rolex brand offers the sporty must have Rolex watch for men, the Deep-Sea Sea-Dweller, the professional Sky-Dweller, the classic DateJust, and so much more. So where do you research? We recommend you research the different Rolex models first on YouTube. There are many different YouTube videos showcasing the different models Rolex has to offer. After having research on YouTube, visit a trusted watch dealer to try on those Rolex models that interested you most. A good watch dealer will help you try on the different models you are interested in and will answer your questions.


Decide Who To Buy From

As a first time buyer, you must decide who you are going to buy your first Rolex watch from. There are really only two safe options:
  1. Authorised Rolex Dealer
  2. Secondary Watch Dealer

Authorised Rolex Dealers

The authorised Rolex dealer has an agreement with Rolex to sell the Rolex brand while following the guidelines set forth by a Rolex Distribution Agreement. They are given the non-exclusive right to purchase Rolex watches from Rolex and resell them at their stated retail price. Unfortunately, there is a dirty little secret about authorised Rolex dealers when it comes to selling a Rolex watch to the general public. They tend to sell to clients with a purchase history, not to first time Rolex buyers.

Secondary Watch Dealers

That leaves a secondary watch dealer as your best option of who to buy your first Rolex watch from. When selecting a secondary watch dealer, take your time researching a secondary watch dealers reputation. Learn how to negotiate the purchase price with the secondary watch dealer. Examine the condition of the watch before buying it. To help first time buyers, Paul has spent many years vetting out and recommending honest and trusted secondary watch dealers. He continues to grow his recommended watch dealers around the world.

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