8.72ct Early Art Deco period ladies diamond ring investment

An absolutely HUGE ladies diamond ring from the early Art Deco period, circa 1910-1925 that is set in a very pretty and decorative mount that is currently a size K (UK). (Can be re-sized within reason either way)

This beautiful piece of Art Deco jewellery benefits from a massive centre stone that is a whopping 8.72cts in size and spreading even bigger so looks about 10cts.

The Roman, rub over style setting is also set with a further 10 small white diamonds. These are in addition to the 8.72ct centre stone.

This diamond is a 100% natural and is what I would call a transitional cut, so in between and old and modern day cut from a period that produced some of the best jewellery ever in my humble opinion.

The diamond is very clean with just a few light inclusions, being approximately Si1 and K colour. The stone is very lively, fiery and bright and under low voltage lighting the colour jumps up to a good J. So very white under these conditions.

This ring comes with a great story too which is always a bonus.

This piece arrived to me direct from a private home, with the previous owner confirming it had been in her family for at least 60 years to her knowledge...

As a young girl she remembers her Great Aunt wearing it way back in the mid 1950's and the belief within the family was that the diamond was a gift to her from an American businessman whom she met either sometime during or, shortly after WW2.

She eventually left England to live in California but returned to the UK somewhere around 1970. Since then the ring has been passed down and along the family line until now...

As most of my regular clients will know I am now basically retired from the full time watch and jewellery business. However, when something comes up of this quality and value I simply cannot resist it...

Offers in the region of £75,000 invited. Part exchange considered.