About Paul Thorpe

Paul Thorpe is a former Watch Dealer, life-long enthusiast and admirer of fine historical objects with an eye for something special. 

Paul has been in and around this industry since 1975 and has an internationally admired track record and reputation. These days he spends his time producing educational videos such as How to Buy Your First Rolex, for watch enthusiasts, How to Become a Watch Dealer, for up and coming watch dealers, and Where Stolen Rolex Watches Go as an anti-watch crime campaigner. 

Despite being retired from the retail watch business, every now and then something comes along that Paul just cannot resist. As a life-long enthusiast, you might hear him say, “I’ve never found a cure for watch disease!”

About Paul’s Services

Recommend Watch Dealers

Trust is an important word when it comes to the luxury watch marketplace. Paul has established many well known and trusted associates within the watch industry as watch dealers he recommends when buying a watch. These relationships have been carefully chosen and are among some of the most trusted watch dealers in the United Kingdom.

Watch Buying Advice

Paul is available as a specialist consultant to the watch industry, an authority to law enforcement agencies around the World and a trusted advisor to those who require an experienced buyer to assist secure their chosen item at the right price. For the serious watch buyer, Paul can assist you from buying your first Rolex, insuring your Rolex luxury watch, and successfully building your watch investment portfolio. He is also available to the media for interviews relating to the watch industry. 

Lost and Stolen Rolex Watches

Paul has assisted various Police forces around the UK with their watch related criminal investigations. In December 2020 an independent study estimated that Paul’s advice was responsible for saving watch buyers & sellers more than £1 million during 2020 that would otherwise have been lost to criminals.


The Rolex Recommended Retail Price List

Enjoy reviewing a Rolex recommended retail price list.

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Exclusive Videos

🚨Watch Crime Discussion

Discussion with New Scotland Yard Elite Flying Squad

*Rolex Market Update*

Enjoy my latest video talking with my good friend Jonathan.

After Hours

In this video, I answer a viewers tough question, “Should I buy a Rolex Submariner as an investment instead of having the money in the bank?”

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Tips, Trends and Market News

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